I go over. I repeat. I revise. I recap. I retell. I reflect, I refract. And or but, no such percussions leave me changed or cured! I am my same old self. And so aching same are my time and space! It’s rather a multiverse, but there is a one and only clue in common— the ambiguity itself— riddling, ridiculous.

Disguised politics to economic aggression, facts to media twists, price-tags to multi-nations, hybrid to formalin, green chili to baby-foods, America to China, Coke to McDonald’s, industrial wastes to the monsters inside the human residential, gas to petrol, nuclear energy to global violence, global warming— all the warning riddles ring everywhere— endless and restless!

‘Pure’ thoughts, ‘core’ values!— Where are they by the way? Well, maybe dictionaries and museums? Commodified, monetized, all sold out already, for wrong pennies and to wrong senses!

At such an age of distortions and extortions all around, I never can frame sweet canvases of flowers, birds, golden twilights, or even abstract compositions of sheer colors. Pouring the shrunk intuition over my embarrassed observations, I only do resort to some manipulated metaphors in conflict and puzzle.

And to deal loudly with both the height and the fright gifted by the armored political civilization at the same time, I also include bits of my own appearance in the projection as a first-hand victim thereof. It is a play or cry, with those myriads of moods and thoughts I come across in my reality and up to my dreams. By nature I keep featuring the contrast and overlapping of the sharp and the fine. There are flowers, but there are also daggers. There are birds, and also barbs behind or across! Beauty and brute fight here at every instance, unresolved! And, in the forms as well, me and my work keep stranded somewhere or other between hypo and hyper, real and surreal!

Once again, welcome to my plethora of agonies and ecstasies, a confirmed peace-less array of many other dimensions caged onto a plain of only two!